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This is the communal account of the Quorum multiple/plural system. A few of us have our own, but we needed one for contact/updates with our shared friends, and would rather keep that separate from our own spaces for our own thoughts and feelings. This is where we'll post things that relate to all of us, our general wellbeing, etc.

Anyway, if you're here you probably know one or two of us.

The Quorum consists of:

Wynn (
Gender: n/a
Pronouns: [ze/zir/zirs]
Prettymuch the big/caregiver of the group. Tends to take on the most stressful real-world/interaction stuff.

Whisper: (
Gender: Somewhere Femme-ish. Tends to use female as a 'close enough' much of the time.
Pronouns: [she/her/hers]
Whisper is a little. She is.. Hm. Sensitive, creative. Can do the stressful/adult stuff if pushed, but it's verymuch a pretending thing.

Gender: Male
Pronouns: [he/him/his]
Felix is a smart, kind little boy. He prefers dressing feminine. He likes reading, animation and cetaceans, among other things.

Gender: n/a
Pronouns: [he/him/his] / [they/them/theirs]
Caring, protective, feral. Feels sensory input the loudest of any of us, so tends to avoid being at front for long periods. Likes neon green, dark purple, body horror, drawing.

Deliberately vague, but probably gives you an idea if you know one of us.
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